Server Rules

By registering an account on Core-Station, you accept that you have read and will follow all the rules listed below. 
If players dont accept the rules, a punishment will apply.
Core-Station has the right to change the rules by time. It´s player´s responsibility to keep them up-to-date.

1. Keep politics out of the game.
2. No refund for hacked accounts/scammed items. Your task is to handle your accounts and items safely by yourself.
3. Our global chat is international! Please accept other languages too. 
4. Multi-Accounting in our discord/forum is forbidden.
5. We absolutely do NOT tolerate any insults, racism etc. in global chat! Chat-ban or Acc-block will happen without prior notice. (5 day chat-ban 2nd Account-block)
6. Do not use global chat regarding religions/believes. (5 day chat-ban 2nd Account-block)
7. Any Disrepectful behaviour towards any team member of Core-Station is not allowed. (Ban period is dependent on Admin's decision)
8. For ingame trades please contact our Game Assistants as middleman.
9. Don´t abuse bugs. 
10. For support, questions, suggestions or technical problems contact us on Discord.
11. Job trading with any kind of bots are forbidden, if we catsch you. (1. Warining 2. 7days Ban 3. Premanent Ban)
12. Do not listen to any rumours. Core-Station works correctly and we NEVER ever sell sox weapons, high ++ items or gold for real money.
13. On Core-Station, stucking uniques is NOT allowed.
14. Botting on unique spawns is NOT allowed.
15. Hosting any kind of events is NOT allowed.
16. Dropping trader goods for yourself or any friend is NOT allowed.
17. Using third party software to bypass limits or using VPN/Proxy/Virtual machine is strongly forbidden. (Permanent IP & HWID account block)
18. Promoting other servers in global chat/discord/forum as advertisement is strongly forbidden. (Permanent IP & HWID account block)
19. Do NOT share any personal information of any player, Team Member, in-game or discord at ALL. (Ban period is dependent on Admin's decision)
20. Using OPEN MARKET on Core-Station regarding buying/selling Silk or gold is NOT allowed. (Permanent IP & HWID account block)
21. Inside the CTF event you have to accept parties of players in your team with EXP Auto Share!

*disclaimer/player rights*

1. All players on Core-Station are equal, no matter if donator or non-donator.
2. Botting is allowed, but we do NOT offer any service for s-bot, mbot or ph-bot.
2. You´re allowed to report players for any insult/abuse.
3. We do NOT refund any lost item/account when the trade happend without middleman of Core-Station Staff.
3. You´ve the right to get a replacement for mistakes caused by our side.
4. It´s allowed to KS (kill-steal) murdering (PK) party-banning (at uniques, party DMG) because it belongs to the gameplay.
5. You can ask Core-Station members any questions as long it's about the server/game.
6. You can report bugs in-game to make it easier for us to fix and get rewarded. (Reward by admin´s decision)
7. If you got banned due to a violation against our server rules, the ONLY way to get unbanned is to contact the Head-Admin & Owner ToxicFog (unban depends on Owner´s decision)
8. We do ONLY offer an Open Market for ITEMS not for in game currency like gold or silk.

Server Info

  • Server Status ONLINE
  • Race: Chinese
  • Cap: 90
  • PC Limit: 2
  • IP Limit: 4

Event Timer

  • Server Time: 03:54:00
  • Capture The Flag:
  • Last Man Standing:
  • Survival Event:
  • Tower Defend:
  • Fortress war:
  • Register: Saturday 00:01 - 23:58